Hello! We have moved but are super glad you are here!

That’s right! With the launch of our very own exchange we have migrated over to it. What does this mean for spinel? Well we have a lot planned for it. Though this wont take place for some time we have not given up on our parent token nor will we. Down below you can sift through some answers to some very common questions so please help yourself!

We are moving to our new exchange that is launching. We will be converting the communities tokens to our new exchange token up until presale.

It will be invested into the new token at presale before launch.

Yes our socials will stay up and active.

Yes we will be relaunching the token in the future as we still have plans for our parent token.

We will be implementing a 3rd party company into the site in order to keep constant news coming through. The money generated will still be split into the token (SPN) as we relaunch later in the future. While we wait funds from this site will be used to refund those who lost there v1/v2 tokens.

Spinel always had an exchange planned in it's family and now here it is. We have also knocked out our exchange that is launching as well. Next we are planning a social platform only after we have sunk our feet in fully with our exchange.

$Spinel is a Smart Contract Token built on $BNB. $Spinel will eventually be more then a Token in the near future as we establish our very own blockchain and develop our very own coin. The goal of Spinel is to create an ecosystem of technology and software development. This will begin with the release of the Spinel News Network, a technology centered news platform.

The best way to purchase $Spinel until we can get listed on binance is to first transfer $BNB to Trustwallet or MetaMask and convert it to Smart BNB. Then you will need to go to Pancakeswap and purchase our token using our smart contract.

Best way to join in is firstly join our Telegram and Discord. Sign up to our email list below and wait until release by watching our timer on the front of our page.

As we release further projects we plan to reinvest the earning from those projects into Spinel. 75% of our add revenue and traction revenue gained from our Online News Network will be reinvested into $Spinel. Most importantly you will gain 10% back in bnb from all trades. With the contract trade taxes are converted to BNB then redistributed to wallet holders automatically.

50% of the revenue from spinel token's News Network will be converted from USD to BNB then to $Spinel. After which the revenue invested will be redistributed to wallet holders.

The amount redistributed will be a fair percentage each quarter. We will select up to 500 wallets for each 1k wallets present. So if there are 2k wallets we will divide it among 1k wallets. 3k wallets we will selects up to 1.5k wallets.

After the release of our blockchain and the release of our very own Crypto Coin and Exchange we will be giving each wallet holder a percentage of the coin upon release.